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A Soldier's Friend, Civil War Nurse Cornelia Hancock

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Dorthea Dix, Superintendent of Nurses, took one look at Cornelia Hancock and told her to go home.
Rather than argue with "Dragon Dix" Cornelia hid in a baggage car.
The date was July 5, 1863. The train was headed for Gettysburg and
the devastation of the Civil War's bloodiest battle.

"Our stores have given out. There is nothing to cook with.
Such days will come here that we have to see our wounded men fed
with dry bread and poor coffee."
Cornelia Hancock, Second Corps Hospital, Sunday, July 26, 1863.

Praise for A Soldier's Friend:
"An excellent addition to Civil War shelves and
public library collections, A Soldier's Friend is highly recommended."

 The Midwest Book Review

The research is amazing...you will be in demand." Dennis Leuchtenburg


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