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NEW! An Imperfect Union


When caring for sick and wounded Civil War soldiers, Cornelia Hancock and Fred Dudley comfort and support each other. Their struggle to survive turns battles and skirmishes into an inspiring work of fiction.


Journal of a Cavalry Bugler

Historical Fiction


An intimate portrait of a soldier
and the American Civil War

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A Soldier's Friend,
Civil War Nurse Cornelia Hancock


Cornelia didn't qualify as an army nurse, and yet she served near Civil War battlefields for two years.

Candidate Lincoln, a novel


Lincoln was an unlikely candidate,
who changed the meaning of American democracy.

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The Acts of Judas




Archeologists caught up in growing mistrust
in the Middle East


The Nursing Home Fugitive


Also available in a wide variety of electronic formats!

The final road trip becomes the
journey of all.

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Pearl Editions, LLC
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Following Lincoln as He Followed Douglas

Lincoln vs. Douglas: The debate
that redefined democracy



Baldino’s thorough research and keen insights clarify
why the Lincoln-Douglas debates hold such
enduring importance in American history.
Kimberly L. Sullivan, Ph.D., author of Qaddafi’s Libya